The Wrapsol iPad No-Slip Grip is Ingenious and Affordable

As someone who uses an iPad and laptop very literally (on my lap), I can testify that this disaster-proof Wrapsol iPad accessory is a great purchase for those who are a little less confident in their gracefulness. Preventing devastating falls to the ground, the Non-Slip Grip Pad is invaluable to those who have lost beloved gadgets to the unforgiving wrath of gravity.

Made with polyurethane, the protective grip is extremely effective, and can keep an iPad balanced at a steep 60-degree angle. Simple in design and neutral in color, the Wrapsol grip is in line with the iPad's signature minimalist appearance.

The alleviation of buyer's tech fears is something that has proven to be marketable. This straightforward and affordable solution to the unnecessary and demoralizing destruction of tablets is sure to get more than a few buys.