The Lausitz Geierswald Resort in Germany Features Floating Residences

 - Mar 23, 2012
References: & gizmag
The Lausitz Geierswald Resort in Germany’s Lusatian Lake District is waterfront living with a twist. Instead of having a getaway home with a lake in the backyard—the entire home itself is built on top of a lake.

Designed by Steeltec37, the Module House Arks (or floating homes) at the resort sit atop the water on a lightweight metal pontoon that promises to be unsinkable. The homes were designed to resemble sailboats and are luxurious and extremely self-sustainable.

The buoyant vacation homes offer a clean, modern aesthetic with an open-concept layout and feature a fully-furnished sun deck that rests just above the water that makes for a truly breathtaking getaway destination.

The Lausitz Geierswald Resort was created to be as Eco-friendly as possible and each home on the property includes design elements such as a solar-thermal energy-production system, fresh water reservoirs and filtration systems that allow the guest to maintain their own water supply and plenty of large windows that allow natural lighting to provide the majority of the home’s illumination.