The 'Orphea: Home, Roulotte, Camping' Ads Fight Bugs with Levitation

 - Mar 27, 2012
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The best way to ensure cockroaches and ants do not enter one's living environment is to take to the skies as shown by the 'Orphea: Home, Roulotte, Camping' ad campaign. Each poster reflects an example of where one may find themselves settling down just for the night or for much longer and shows that regardless of where one lives, Orphea will ensure cockroaches and ants do not crash the party.

The ads feature each living establishment -- a home, a tent and a mini trailer -- hovering a few feet above the ground to show that it would be impossible for little critters to crawl in and wreak havoc. It is a thoughtful campaign that puts its product in an elite light, showing that its effect is equivalent to defying physics. Orphea will defy the laws of nature to keep your living environment insect-free.