The Kiki Van Eijk Mantel Clocks Come in Various Colors and Finishes

Designer Kiki van Eijk created a series of metal wire mantel clocks in 14 different finishes based on her floating frame works of brass and ceramic for the Moss Gallery. The multicolored, original collection is called the 'One More Time : Floating Frame Mantel Clock' and no one piece is the exact same.

In addition to the standard clock, the collection also features candle holders made from the same bent copper wire as well as other intricate designs. The clocks run at about $4,200 as they are each handmade from genuine materials and produced in limited numbers.

According to the Moss Gallery, the skeletal representations are rendered in ceramic and bent wire "drawings" of solid forms executed in various metals and finishes such as oxidized copper, shiny copper, anodized metals in colors, matte silver and even real gold-plated copper.

These amazing time pieces are definitely one of a kind and with their various options for colours and finishes, are sure to complement any living space!