From Bedazzled Polka Dot Outfits to Playful Perforated Purses

 - Feb 4, 2013
Minnie Mouse may be iconic for her adorable polka dot outfits but that does not mean that the pattern is not versatile enough to be used on more than just cutesy fashions.

From women’s collections to pet accessories, the fun pattern can be seen on almost anything. As it is a bold and playful print, it is particularly great during the warmer months, which looks particularly divine on canvas shoes, bathing suits and adorable dresses. Though men aren't typically known for embracing the dotted print, there are several collections, which have managed to fabulously integrate the material into its designs.

Whether it is fully polka dot outfits that you wish to wear à la Minnie Mouse or prefer to have a smartphone case with the print on it, it is a design that is more versatile than you may believe.