From Biodegradable Timber Watches to Strap-Slung Wooden Clocks

 - Jun 6, 2013
They're no grandpa clocks, but these wooden timepieces can add a rustic and earthy feel to the modern home. Mahogany, oak, ash and other shades of wood make for flavorful timepieces, and the grain of wooden materials can look naturally decorative.

The Vestal 'Rosewood' watch is a chunky wrist cuff entirely made of biodegradable wood. Its minimalist brown exterior, along with its simple and petite clock face, makes this model an organic accessory.

Stanley Ruiz's 'Raw Clock' is a contemporary take on a round piece of wood that looks as if it could have been freshly cut from a tree trunk. It uses CNC milling technology to imprint the chronograph numbers into the wood. The simple clock was finished off with a strip of animal hide, which makes the product truly ornamental.