South America's Uros Island Homes are Unbelievable

 - Jun 9, 2011
References: go2peru & dornob
In North America, the most common housing situations are likely apartments, town-homes and detached houses, which couldn't be more different than these Uros Island Homes, found in Peru.

Part of the reason why these Uros Island Homes are so special is their base on Lake Titicaca; the homes have supposedly existed for centuries, dating back to pre-Incan civilization times. These dwellings are made up of strong totora reeds, which are also used to transport the Uros tribe around the various floating islands on Lake Titicaca.

Although these Uros Island Homes may seem like undiscovered gems to many, visitors to Peru will tell you that these homes are actually a very sought-after tourist destination. For any lucky enough to visit Peru, these Uros Island Homes are a must see!