The Marijn Beije Floating Eco Lodge Levitates Above Ground

 - May 11, 2012
References: & gizmag
The Marijn Beije floating eco lodge was designed to put people more in touch with nature. The construction of the accommodation allows the dweller to sit directly on top of a body of water or nestle snugly into the branches of a tree.

The environmentally friendly materials used in the abode include FSC-certificated wood and solar panels to reduce the human footprint left behind when lodging outdoors. The bulb-shaped pod moves slightly with the breeze and includes sleeping accommodations for up to four people. It also comes equipped with all of the amenities including a shower and kitchen facilities.

Featuring floor-to-ceiling curved windows, the home away from home allows for guests to take in a stellar view of the natural elements surrounding them before being softly rocked to sleep.