German Artist Cornelia Konrads Explores the Temporality of Objects

 - Apr 27, 2012
References: & thisiscolossal
Artist Cornelia Konrads flaunts the findings of physicists with her gravity-defying installations. She creates mind-boggling sculptures that look as though they have been sprinkled with fairy dust. Appearing to slowly rise into the atmosphere, Cornelia Konrads' works of art are actually very much static.

Based in Bad Münder, Germany, Cornelia Konrads predominantly works with the illusion of weightlessness. From deconstructed stone walls to giant slingshots and floating snowballs, her installations bring to light their temporary nature. It is as if each installation is disintegrating before people's very eyes. Cornelia Konrads' background in philosophy and literature drives her need to "awaken the creative forces of the unconscious, the dream-like and surreal," as stated on her website.