The Prototype Aero Train is Like a Real-Life Landspeeder

 - May 14, 2011
References: & dvice
We may have seen levitating vehicles before, but this prototype Aero Train is unique in that it doesn't use magnets to lift off of the ground. Instead, it is categorized as a "ground effect vehicle" because it uses fast-moving air and several plane wings to levitate itself above the ground instead.

Developed by a bunch of Japanese researchers led by Yusuke Sugahara from the Tohoku University, this prototype Aero Train could be a very exciting addition to public transportation. Although this model is quite shaky and travels sturdily at only slow speeds, it will most likely pave the way for Aero Trains that are capable of traveling at 124 miles per hour in a "U-shaped concrete channel."

This prototype Aero Train was unveiled during the IEEE International Conference on Robotics in Shanghai, China.