Hydra Index Fills the Gap Between Physical and Virtual Knowledge

 - Feb 11, 2012
References: architizer & suckerpunchdaily
It may at first be difficult to wrap your head around the concept of Hydra Index, but if you consider and extrapolate the disconnectedness of contemporary life, you will discover the voids that this abstract project would fill.

Hydra Index is described as a "Distributed Meta-Conscience" for the year 2048 and the presence of these gravity-defying forms acts as pockets of information that people ignore between two very different worlds. The prediction is that humans will become more dissociated with the physical environment and overly stimulated and distracted by the "non-material fluxes" that technology like the internet will continue to introduce. Vivian Bratone proposes that these exquisite kite-like lattice structures would interact with people and the landscape to intertwine the earth and its inhabitants in the way that they ought to be.