The Volkswagen Hover Car is Jetsons-Inspired

 - May 9, 2012
References: volkswagenag & gizmag
If potholes are your worst nemesis, floating above the ground in a Volkswagen Hover Car will eliminate the amount of blown tires you encounter during your time on the road, or more accurately, in the air.

No longer reserved for science fiction and futuristic prophetic films, the Das Auto company took the flying automobile one step closer to being seen in real life.

Designed as part of the People's Car Project in China, a collaborative venture that saw 119,000 unique ideas submitted by wannabe car designs with big dreams for the future of automotive construction, the floating car is a nod to the wishes of commuters sick of being stuck in poor conditions on crowded streets.

Unfortunately the conceptual design is not yet available for mass construction so you'll have to continue to brave traffic the good old fashioned way -- at least for now.