The ZeroN Levitated Interaction Element Defies Gravity

 - May 12, 2012
References: leejinha & gizmag
While human beings are still a long way away from being able to levitate above the ground, the ZeroN Levitated Interaction Element has brought the ability to defy gravity with material objects a little bit closer to reality.

Developed by Jinha Lee, a media lab research assistant at MIT, the spherical electromagnet can levitate and move side to side when hovering over an open-air anti-gravity space. Powered by a magnetic field, the ball can also be programmed to do a playback of its previous movements and move in a sequence on its own.

While magicians and fans of neat parlor tricks will embrace this hovering gizmo, there are also practical applications for the technology. Physicists, astrologers and architects can use the device for mapping 3D representational models of their work. The floating ball also works like a video camera and can be used to film three dimensional, panoramic footage.