From Simple Geometric Packaging to Deco Diamond Branding

 - Jan 24, 2012
These sweet chocolate packages are sure to lure you in with their seductive aesthetics and eye-catching designs. Chocolate may not be a difficult product to sell; most of the world's population is simply gaga over the satisfying creamy complexity of the beloved confection, but it is because of this widespread popularity that the market for chocolate has become oversaturated.

There are a large number of chocolate brands vying for your attention at any time, so attractive wrappers are necessary. This need for individuality in a sea of tasty candy bars has given rise to some truly captivating forms of sugary branding. From creamy vintage gamer send ups to vivacious asymmetrical wrappers, each bar carries with it its own aesthetics and personality.

Clever, cute and hopelessly alluring, these chocolate packages are wildly creative and engaging.