'Jurassic Chocolat' is an Archeologist's Sweet Dream

Chocolate lovers and fans of Jurassic Park, rejoice -- the 'Jurassic Chocolat' edible archeological dig is a delicious combination of prehistoric pleasures and sweet treats.

The Japanese chocolate company cures your sweet tooth with a one-of-a-kind chocolate eating experience. The Jurassic Chocolat kit includes miniature tools like those used in archeological excavations to allow snackers to break through a layer of chocolate and sort through edible dust to uncover a white chocolate dinosaur "hidden" under layers of, you guessed it, chocolate. This is one occasion where you can, and should, play with your food.

The Jurassic Chocolat is marketed in Japan towards women, to buy for their beaus as an alternative to the usual chocolate hearts. I'm pretty sure anyone would love this awesome archeological treat, and I know I'll definitely be dropping some hints next Valentine's Day... or maybe just treating myself.