Patrick Roger's Chocolate Whiskey Encasing is Delectable

 - May 18, 2011
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What happens when whiskey and chocolate are combined? The resulting duo product is a delicious delicacy!

Master french chocolatier Patrick Roger has created a simply sinful product that I'm sure is flying off shelves. Patrick Roger's chocolate whiskey packaging makes other booze bottles look bland and naked. Rogers has taken a bottle of premium aged whiskey and encased it completely in quality chocolate. He definitely doesn't skimp on the sweet stuff, as the outer layer of chocolate is as thick as a brick! Thirsty recipients of this gourmet gift will have to chip away at the chocolate packaging to reach the golden whiskey centre.

This tasty packaging is just as enjoyable as the guzzle-able gift inside! Patrick Roger's chocolate whiskey product will quench parched throats and candy cravings!