From Canned Gin Cocktails to Boozy Frozen Lemonades

 - Jul 26, 2014
With a little know-how, mixing your own beverages isn't difficult to do, but preparing all of the ingredients required for a recipe can be time-consuming, which is what makes pre-mixed alcohol so perfect for instant enjoyment.

Ready-to-drink alcohol comes in just about every form imaginable, including everything from margaritas to martinis, whiskey and vodka-based drinks, which can be canned, bottled or even bagged. In order to suggest these kinds of drinks as an alternative to other alcohols on the market, RTD beverages are often packaged in such a way so that they adopt styles that look like other drinks. A few great examples of this include Jack Daniels' pre-mixed whiskey-colas, packaged in beer-like cans and four-packs or Nola's Vodka Spritzers, strategically presented in tall, elongated bottles to look just like a light wine.