Freedom Moonshine American Rye Whiskey Comes in Red, White and Blue

Freedom Moonshine is a 100% Unaged American Rye Whiskey that celebrates the history of American-made moonshine. With flavors like Red Cherry, White Rye, Blueberry, Apple Pie and Firecracker that allude to summer celebrations, it's hard not to see Freedom Moonshine as fun and festive.

Since the colors of the whiskey are such a big part of the product, when designing the packaging for the whiskey drinks, Tennessee Stillhouse let the drinks shine through plain jars, which provides a charming homemade feel, as well as a throwback to the tradition of DIY moonshine.

The jars come packaged in boxes with small rectangular fragments of the American flag on them—with enough boxes stacked together, they're capable of recreating the whole American flag, which adds another element of fun to the drinks.