CIOCCOlatini Include Flavors Like Seneca, Cicerone and Plauto

 - Jun 25, 2009   Updated: Apr 5 2011
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CIOCCOlatini are chocolates that represent different Latin philosophers. What a sweet way to learn about philosophy!

Each CIOCCOlatini philosopher chocolate has its own flavor, or "spice" as Playdesign calls it. Featured faces are Cicerone, Epitteto, Fedro, Livio Andronico, Virgilio, Luxrezio, Seneca, Plauto and Marco Aurelio.

CIOCCOlatini are perfect for those who love to philosophize about love, life and, of course, chocolate.

Implications - Intellect is a large part of prestige, which often serves as the fuel for success and competition amongst consumers. Instilling an element of history, philosophy, or general academia into everyday products, as seen with these CIOCCOlatini chocolates will resonate well with the consumer looking to show off their smarts.