- Mar 24, 2019
The March 2019 lifestyle trends heighten experiences and products that come into play on a day-to-day routine. It features fun approaches through means such as fun event spaces, themed products and services, and wellness-centric goods as well.

Valentines Day took place in the last month and Hall Mark's special 'Vinyl Record Cards' was a great example of how simple lifestyle items were elevated to a new standard. The series of cards played music and it took on the visual appearance of sleeve squares that were 7-inches wide, featuring songs by Kelly Clarkson, Michael Buble, and Bruno Mars. Normally, musical cards play when opened, but these are compatible with record players to deliver a high-quality sound experience and better lasting memorabilia. Another great lifestyle trend this month highlights personal wellness -- the Umay Rest eye mask eases any strain that comes with digital screen encounters. It is developed to be comfortably placed over the eyes and uses a heat calibration to activate oils that are released every time people link. When there is a high use of technology, there is less blinking and lower oil levels, drying out the eyes.

From Vinyl Valentine's Day Cards to Strain-Healing Eye Masks: