From Portable Fitness Systems to Blockchain Produce Packaging

 - Jul 29, 2018
As the July 2018 lifestyle trends reveal, consumers are thinking much more deeply about wellness from both a physical, and metal perspective. This means devoting more time (and money) to products that help them feel good from the inside out.

On the one hand, consumers are increasingly invested in making the time for physical fitness -- no matter where the may be. As a result, products such as Rove Gym, the Finesse Fitness total body workout system, and the U Band, have helped to make it easier for consumers to workout anytime and anywhere.

However, the July 2018 lifestyle trends reveal that it is not just physical wellness that has become a priority. Indeed, products like the relaxation-enhancing Moon Pod or the focus-enhancing Foci wearable, are also helping consumers find peace of mind and improved mental wellbeing.