QR Tags are Steadily Becoming the Next Pop Culture Logo

 - May 7, 2012
Scanable QR tags continue to dominate advertising campaigns ever since the iPhone allowed users to scan codes on the go, and these bewildering barcode discoveries illustrate that the influence of barcodes exceeds mere promotional value.

Barcode art is becoming more prevalent as the 21st century becomes more and more associated with technology-dependent culture. Artists are turning the QR design into the next pop culture logo, which is appropriate considering the abundance of the digital tags within contemporary society.

QR tags also offer people a gateway into an extensive story, allowing consumers to research the origin of the product and the story behind its creation, as demonstrated with the McDonald's QR wrappers that inform consumers of the nutritional value of a Big Mac.

Simple, effective and aesthetically compelling, QR tags continue to envelop modern society.