MIA Interactive Urban Street Lighting Allows for Civilian Intervetion

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: behance.net & designbuzz
Since streetlights are installed for the benefit of citizens, one designer decided that the public should have more control over them. The MIA Interactive Urban Street Lighting system nearly lets you flip the switch off and on by providing a way to manage the intensity of the illumination in your area.

According to this concept, QR codes would be displayed at about chest level on the shaft of every special streetlamp. With a matrix-reading app on her smartphone, anyone can scan the symbol and have access to the brightening and dimming controls for the outdoor fixture.

This is an imaginative yet practical proposal by Daniel Lorincz that would likely improve nighttime safety, ambiance and energy consumption. Likely MIA Interactive Urban Street Lighting would be dim by default and offer more luminosity only when adjusted.