- Aug 26, 2017
August 2017 game trends reveal games that are immersive and experiential, as well as those that seek to teach players various skills, or about certain causes.

One example of the former is the the company Enigma Quest's Harry Potter-themed escape room. The escape room is called the School of Witchcraft and Wizardry Game, and tests participants' knowledge in a variety of magical skills so they can find their way out of the room. These include their ability to "brew up a potion," and "defeat dark forces," offering a unique immersive experience for those who enjoy the popular series.

An example of the latter is Cards Against Humanity's protest about a feminist issue. The 'Cards Against Humanity for Her' is a deck that is featured in a bright pink – the only difference between this deck and the original game. The deck is offered for an extra five dollars to protest the more expensive costs associated with being a woman and to point out the pay gap. The company will donate the profits from this satirical set of cards to Emily's List, a PAC which is trying to get more women into public office.

From Magical Escape Rooms to Activist Card Games: