Blue Bunny Ice Cream Created an 'Iron Throne' Out of Dessert Cones

 - Jul 18, 2017
References: bluebunny & cleveland
Blue Bunny Ice Cream made an ice cream cone throne to celebrate 'National Ice Cream' day and the premiere of the 'Game of Thrones' seventh season.

This 'Iron Throne' replica stands over seven feet tall and is fully functional as a chair. Fans of the series can sit on the cone throne at the Big Screen Plaza in New York City starting on July 14th. Guests are able to take pictures of the throne and sample Blue Bunny's latest flavors. This fantasy-inspired throne was made by attaching hundreds of cones to a molded chair.

This isn't the first fan-made Iron Throne replica. Others have made chicken wing interpretations of the famous seat but the ice cream cone throne may be the most reasonable to actually sit in.