From Novelty Clamshell Lamps to Contemporary Rocking Chairs

 - Aug 27, 2017
When people first move into a new apartment or house, they live out the classic scene of eating a takeout dinner among barren rooms full of packed boxes — as the August 2017 furniture trends show, furniture is what makes a house a home. Once that new place is full of one's own furniture, it no longer feels like a husk. Instead, it's a place where people can spend most of their time comfortably.

Many of the August 2017 furniture trends are designed with that degree of taste and comfort in mind. The CAKE Collection of living room furniture is both supple and attractive, and the Kimono Armchair is meant to be as smooth and enveloping as the garment after which it's named.

Some furniture is designed for the specific needs of the people who own it. Opendesk's new Bundle Desk and Linnea can be assembled through intuitive joinery techniques that require no tools whatsoever, helping people who aren't exactly hobby handymen.