'Play Grown' Fuses Furniture Design with Jungle Gyms

 - Jul 5, 2017
References: portfolios.scad.edu & behance.net
'Play Grown' is an interactive art series that's encouraging adults to find time in their lives to stop and play. Made as a hybrid that sits somewhere between furniture design and a jungle gym accessory, this art experience fuses light-hearted engagement with utility-based design.

One piece appears as a basic wooden lounge chair with a seat replaced by a moving swing, while another, is a coat rack that doubles as a climbable pole. Also featured is a laughably nonfunctional plant holder that rests on a seesaw, tipping as water is added.

The exclusivity between playfulness and childhood is a relationship the artist intends to change. By infusing everyday objects with something fun, the artist is successfully encouraging adults to play.