The EQUILIBRIUM Furniture Collection Uses Ropes to Support Sitters

 - Jul 6, 2017
References: design-milk
The EQUILIBRIUM furniture collection combines the playful relaxation of hammocks with more solid piece of outdoor furniture like loungers, benches, and even picnic tables. The collection is simple yet elegant: each piece in the collection consists of a metal frame (with wood surfaces in the case of the picnic table,) and the majority of the support structure consists of bright red ropes.

Unlike a hammock, which is tied to its tree or vertical support with a rope but supports people with fabric, the EQUILIBRIUM furniture collection makes use of ropes alone. The lounger and bench have several ropes that stretch across a frame, forcing sitters to play with the seating and find an equal balance point if they want to rest for long.

There's an added twist to the furniture, though. The pieces in the collection come in pairs, and the ropes are connected through both sets. That means that sitters need to cooperate with one another to find balance, making sitting as much a team-building exercise as a respite.