Symbiotic Objects by Xiang Guan Can Only Function With Human Interaction

 - Jul 14, 2017
References: & dezeen
The 'Symbiotic Objects' collection by Xiang Guan is designed to make people rethink their relationships with the objects around them.

Guan is a graduate of Central Saint Martins design school in London. He has created a chair, desk and lamp that cannot function without interacting with a human. For example, the desk cant stand up unless a person is seated at it, the lamp won't turn on unless a person wears it on their head, and the chair can't support itself without the help of a person sitting in it.

Guan designed these Symbiotic Objects to function this way to encourage people to not think of their objects as tools to their whims, but as items that deserve contemplation and play. Guan thinks that if we do this, we will be more conscious of disposing of them. "As designers, we should use design to lead, and tell people to think more about the daily objects around them, not just throw them away... It has a huge effect in achieving a sustainable world."