The Polymorph Chair is an Expression of Contrasting Ideologies

 - Jul 10, 2017
References: philippaduatz & design-milk
Philipp Aduatz's 'Polymorph Chair' expresses two different design concepts in one piece.

After exploring the history of design, Aduatz determined design is largely divided into two styles -- minimalism, with linear forms and functional shapes, versus organic and fluid shapes inspired by nature. In an effort to reconcile these styles, Aduatz combined them into one harmonious piece. Normally, these two styles would contrast and clash but presented as a visual comparison with fluidity, the concept makes sense and looks fantastic.

One half of the chair is carved in a fluid way that implies meaning with its curved back and leg, while the other half of the chair is ultra-minimalistic and linear. In Ancient Greek, the word "poly" translates to "many," while the word "morph" translates to "shape." From this, the name of the Polymorph Chair came to be.