'Ipanema' Furniture Helps Create a Private and Calming Space

 - Jul 13, 2017
References: agotarim.eu & behance.net
The dynamic construction of 'Ipanema' furniture creates a private and calming space for loungers.

The lounge chair is comprised of a grated moving roof, that can shift forward and backward to provide as much coverage as the user pleases. The chair can provide subtle shade without obstructing a view, while also offering a private place to take a public poolside nap. The grated roof material provides a sense of seclusion without complete isolation, as the user is still able to see through the small holes.

The form of the furniture is reminiscent of a giant leaf, and creates the illusion of laying under a palm tree. Ipanema furniture helps to slightly remove individuals from the public eye, making for the perfect beach or poolside accessory.