- Aug 28, 2017
These pizza party innovations range from VIP pizza boxes to rapper apparel pop-ups hosted inside a local NYC pizzeria. While Lil Yachty's 'Yachty's Pizzeria' pop-up highlights music merchandise that draws inspiration from nostalgia, Domino's specialty boxes turn everyday customers into shareholders. This packaging concept strengthens the brand's relationship with patrons and is a unique alternative to traditional loyalty programs.

Other novelty products that will appeal to pizza buffs include Dominos' exclusive wipeable onesie that is designed as a fun nightwear item which also doubles as a napkin. Likewise, Papa John's heart-shaped crust promotion embraces a different novelty -- consumers' appreciation for Valentine's Day branding.

DJ pizza kits, political pizza promotions, and pizza-themed movie nights round off this list and serve as adult-centric reinterpretations of a popular childhood past-time.

From VIP Pizza Boxes to Fast Food-Themed Rapper Apparel: