Supergiant Games' 'Pyre' Combines Elements of RPGs and Sports

 - Jul 25, 2017
References: arstechnica
Supergiant Games' previous titles have been world-exploring role-playing games, but 'Pyre,' the latest release from the studio, blends genres with an unexpected source. Though it keeps its RPG backing, the game is combined with sports mechanics, making it feel like a fantasy version of EA Sports' or 2K Games' career modes.

Just like the single-player modes in the game franchises from the massive studios mentioned above, Pyre revolves around a narrative quest that the hero needs to complete. However, in order to complete those goals, the hero competes in a sport that was invented for Pyre, which is described by Ars Technica as "battle lacrosse." The outcomes of these battle lacrosse games impact the plot points in the narrative, giving players ample opportunity to go back through the game and try to seek different outcomes.