- Aug 26, 2017
More and more, gaming has transitioned from the physical world into the digital one, but the August 2017 gaming trends show that not all gaming needs to be digitized. With the help of that selfsame ephemeral tech, real-world games can be just as engaging, fun, and immersive as any video game on the market.

Before video games, board games were one of the best ways to play collaboratively. If board games are less popular by sheer volume, they've certainly still got a rabid following, and there are many games that continue to carry the torch. One of the most recent of those is Echelon, a new mixed reality board game that plays like the famous holochess game from 'Star Wars.' 'Beasts of Balance' is a further partially technological game that's a spin on a classic, this time using odd shapes and digitization to reinvent Jenga.

From LEGO-Compatible Coding Blocks to High Tech Tag Games: