The Remixed Board Game 'Monopoly Gamer' Fuses Super Mario and Monopoly

 - Jun 29, 2017
References: hasbro & kotaku
'Monopoly Gamer' is a remixed board game that brings together Nintendo's Super Mario and Monopoly for the ultimate classic gaming experience.

Beyond featuring fan-favorite Nintendo characters in the game, Hasbro's remixed classic updates the gameplay to make it more gamer-friendly. Instead of money, players want to collect enough points to beat 'The Boss.' In Monopoly Gamer, players roll a regular die and a power-up die that lets them tap into special abilities on their turn. Special abilities may include forcing other characters to drop coins for others to pick up. Another change from the classic Monopoly game is each character now has two abilities that activate when they land on a superstar board space or amplify their power-up abilities. Passing 'Go' triggers a 'Boss Fight' where players roll to gain points and collect property.

This remixed board game is an excellent way to bring together two classic games that sit in different genres. The overlap in fan-base of each game makes Monopoly Gamer a super-charged mash-up.