'Twisted Chess' Features a Tiled Floor and Sculptural Pieces

 - Jul 24, 2017
References: hbk-bs.de & design-milk
Twisted Chess features a modernized chess board that revamps the centuries-old design, without deviating too far from its original form.

The beloved game of chess has seen many variations, but none with as much promise of permanence as this simple but abstract board. The design features a funky, slightly abstract tiled floor with the signature black and white checker boxes. The chess pieces were designed using an algorithm to ensure the pieces are as attractive as they are easy to play with. The set of black and white pieces vary in shapes and sizes, but all maintain a curvy, twisted form.

This board is an aesthetically pleasing and highly functional rendition of the age-old game, serving as an example of the endless possibilities the impact of 3D printing can make on the world of game design.