From Humble Humor Comics to Tragically Hilarious Books

 - May 24, 2012
Cartoons are a form of expression. Often they are integrated with humor or some variety of message or learning. Superman, Batman and Spiderman all had missions they had to accomplish to save the world and allow good to triumph over evil. Other comics are less straightforward. Sometimes they are just about a person living their life. Other times, they are about dinosaurs with no friends because guess what? They're extinct.

Also popular seems to be the movie play-off. The Hunger Games parody comic tumble gives fans an outlet for expressing opinions on popular movie franchises. Political cartooning has long been an important aspect of the daily paper. Political speech can be expressed through subtle (or not so subtle) messages mixed into humorous cartoons. The art of sketching and doodling is alive and well and taking on new forms and new mediums.