Prehistoric Dinos Discuss Present-Day Problems in Dinosaur Comics Series

 - Mar 21, 2012
References: qwantz
If dinosaurs inhabited present-day Earth and started talking about life in 2012 -- their conversations would probably go something like the ones on Ryan North’s Dinosaurs Comics blog.

The online comic series features a slew of prehistoric giants discussing everything from veganism to whether Google could beat an orange in a battle royale.

While most of the plots are ridiculous (see: multiple ways to re-work the phrase ‘brother from another mother’) they are often hilarious representations of everyday conversations had with friends over a few drinks or while pondering random quandaries about the universe.

The Dinosaurs Comics series stars three dinosaurs, with the T-Rex usually leading the discussion. Each edition is quick and easy to read with simplistic graphics to promote the focus onto the witty anecdotes. Ryan North is a Canadian artist who has been featured in various online publications as well as having his own Wikipedia page.