Tony Fleecs Illustrates Somber Scenes with Child-Like Superheroes

 - Mar 28, 2012
References: tonyfleecs.blogspot & blog.thaeger
Even though these Tony Fleecs illustrations feature superheroes as cutesy incarnations of themselves, they still deal with rather adult themes. The juxtaposition between Fleecs’ visual aesthetics and seeing his subjects lying lifelessly is enough to tug at viewers’ hearts, but add to that quotations that discuss family and friends and you have an image collection that will start the waterworks of even the most callous of people.

Tony Fleecs is a comic writer and artist based in Los Angeles, California. He demonstrates his knack for pairing words and images in this series, depicting Batman holding Robin in his hands, Wolverine being surrounded by his fallen peers and Transformers gathering around Optimus Prime’s dead body. These illustrations make the sentimentality in Hallmark cards look amateur by comparison.