From Elegant Gamer Artwork to Star Wars Saints

 - Sep 20, 2013
There's a good chance you won't find any of these geeky stained glass sightings in a church of any kind. Still, that doesn't make any of these superhero and gamer works of art any less awesome. As video games and comic books have become more mainstream, so have the ways in which one can show off their geekiness. Nowadays, owning a gamer shirt or comic book poster isn't enough. No, true fans commission amazing works of art.

These geeky stained glass sightings prove that fans of video games and comic books are as creative as they are passionate about their heroes/consoles. Each of these pieces of stained glass is artfully crafted and looks good enough to sit in any gallery or church. If there's ever a church devoted to "Super Mario Bros." or "Metroid," expect to see one of these stained glass windows in it.