Judith Mascolo Brings Iconic Characters to Life

Stained glass artist Judith Mascolo is shaking up the art form and taking a less traditional root. The brand Nerd Glass was inspired by her son, who's always been a big gamer and a fan of the iconic characters. Mascolo handcrafts each piece to perfection, making the characters really come to life.

She also takes on special orders, so if someone wishes to have an idea expressed in this lovely art form, Mascolo will do her best to recreate it. However if you'd like to have one of her fun already-made Nerd Glass creations you can choose from a wide variety. Included in some of the pieces she's created are Mario, Yoshi, Sonic the Hedgehog, Hello Kitty and Totoro.

These creations are sure to add cheer to any child or child at heart's bedroom.