Heather Dixon Renders Mary Poppins in Whimsical Cartoon Illustrations

Mary Poppins may not be on the minds of many people nowadays, but Heather Dixon cites the whimsical Disney movie about a magical maid as one of her inspirations for art. Littered throughout Dixon’s personal blog are occasional cartoon tributes to the Julie Andrews character, and those who have watched the movie will surely enjoy these renderings as they capture the essence of the 1960s Disney classic.

In the movie, Mary Poppins interacts with several two-dimensional cartoon characters while remaining in human form, so it’s actually quite amusing to look at these Heather Dixon illustrations and envision those sequences as they would look if Dick Van Dyke and Julie Andrews were also cartoon figures.

Heather Dixon is an animator and artist who is almost as bewitching as her role model, as she's illustrated a series of comics in the "About" section of her website rather than providing readers with her personal information.