Nacho Molina Uses Geeky Characters as Muses for Sophisticated Art

People often overlook comic book illustrations as a form of sophisticated art due to its affiliation with younger audiences, but these Nacho Molina paintings demonstrate just how technical graphic novel renderings can get. Employing a style more commonly reserved for concept art or realistic portraits, Molina re-contextualizes the dynamic images commonly seen in the pages of Marvel and DC comics into something that’s art exhibit-ready. It’s strange to see some of the simpler characters rendered in such a technical manner, but it’s wholly satisfying to see comic book content treated with such seriousness.

Nacho Molina is a Valencia-based illustrator. His painterly style is almost impressionistic with its sketchy strokes that focus more so on the artist’s movement of the brush rather than the refinement of the overall piece.

Not one to only satisfy North American fans, Molina also renders a bunch of Dragon Ball Z images in his stellar style.