Vince Riley Illustrates Women Changing Into Action-Ready Attire

Vince Riley understands that women can be just as badass as men when it comes to brandishing a gun and kicking butt, as made evident by these stylish depictions of females suiting up in action garbs. More importantly, however, is that Riley recognizes that ladies have the added advantage of using their sexuality to lull men to their doom. Simply have a man look through this image gallery and watch their ability to pay attention fade away. Riley’s conveyance of women as both strong and seductive negates criticisms of objectification as his subjects’ ability to be both is an empowering attribute.

Vince Riley, who also illustrates under the pseudonym 'punchyninja,' is a comic book artist and head of 17 Machine Studios. He’s collaborated with writer Chuck Paschall and self-published the series Native Drums through his company.