John Wentz Pairs Superheroes & Astronomy in This Nostalgic Art Series

 - May 4, 2012
References: & urhajos.tumblr
These John Wentz paintings combine several geek interests into masterpiece compositions. Drawing from astronomy and retro comic books, the contemporary realist artist is currently working on a collection that prominently features celestial bodies paired with human subjects and superheroes. Though Wentz renders the planets and people true to life, he’s opted to retain each famous crime fighters’ original look, contrasting realistic visuals with extremely cartoony ones. This pairing somehow works and creates images that are nostalgic yet contemporary and ultimately satisfying to the eyes.

John Wentz explains that his work is heavily influenced by the writings of Carl Jung. Through his various artistic endeavors, he hopes to explore how hero archetypes, especially ones from comic books, affect the human experience. Placing vintage superheroes beside his subjects is supposed to invoke dialogue about these characters’ power on children then and adults now.