Andy Ristaino Fills His Imaginative Drawings to His Canvas' Capacity

 - May 21, 2012
References: skronked & cuded
The amount of content found within any given Andy Ristaino illustration is enough to make ten pictures. The current lead designer for Pendleton Ward’s ‘Adventure Time’ on Cartoon Network is renowned for his jaw-dropping compositions that viewers can examine for hours on end and still find new elements to appreciate. Couple that with a dynamic and whimsical style and you have visuals that make Scott Pilgrim’s bizarre world seem bland by comparison.

Though his drawings are easily worthy of gallery shows, Andy Ristaino spends most of his free time crafting comics, including titles such as ‘Escape from Dullsville’ and ‘The Babysitter.’ His work has also been featured in numerous anthologies, and if you’re hungry for more content from this San Francisco-based artist, you can always just turn on your television set.