From Modern Disney Selfies to Social City Guides

 - Nov 29, 2014
The top November 2014 social media ideas showcase the sophistication of a variety of apps and services that exist for consumers to use today. Social media and its uses go far beyond the 140 characters of Twitter and the walls of Facebook; consulting services like the the Womansplainer and the Facebook Safety Check do so much more than connect people on a social level.

The Womansplainer is a feminist consulting service that will research something on Google and prepare a briefing of articles that fairly represents the topic. The Facebook Safety Check enables people to stay connected with friends and family when a disaster strikes. The tool notifies people about a nearby disaster and prompts them to then get in touch with loved ones to ensure both parties are safe.

One of the standout ideas comes from artist Simona Bonafini who created Instagram accounts for iconic Disney characters that chronicle their would-be selfies and outfits of the day.

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