- Jun 16, 2019
The June 2019 cosmetics trends cover the latest in skincare, makeup, and grooming -- highlighting the advancements made in both product development and marketing strategy.

To advertise its new lipsticks, Gucci took consumers back to the 80s, launching a series of inspired print ads that champion individuality, authenticity, and inclusivity. The ads are unretouched to show the real beauty of the models featured, who proudly showcase their unique smiles. With the ads completely focused on the zoomed-in smiles of the models, Gucci highlights just a few of the 58 lipstick shades that it's prepared for release.

In an effort to offer its affordable product line an edge, Suave created its Flavor Factory collection, which boasts a variety of hair and body care products that feature summery scents of tropical fruit of candy. The collection is outfitted in colorful labels that match with the scents, bringing new life to simple products that appeal to a fresh demographic of buyers.

From Celebrity Skincare Lines to Dentist-Approved Lipsticks: