From Scholastic Store Merchandising to Interactive Whiskey Kiosks

 - Sep 25, 2015
These immersive retail displays range from scholastic store shelves to interactive whiskey kiosks that showcase branded advertisements in an engaging way. While the traditional supermarket display can lack originality, P & G's immersive retail displays reject tradition and aim to make a trip to the supermarket more experiential for shoppers.

Standouts include the brand's back to school fixture that highlights its best-selling self and home care range of goods. Another favorite includes Nivea's shower-inspired kiosk branding. In addition to introducing bathroom-inspired store displays, the skincare brands goes one step further with pop-up kiosks that transport consumers into a cozy home environment.

Other favorites include luxury vending machines -- displayed in Fendi's shop windows -- and artistic shop facades that are made from intricately cut and eco-friendly paper materials.