This Nivea Store Display is Inspired by Bathroom Decor

 - Sep 25, 2015
Argentinian designer Martin Beauchamp conceived this shower-inspired skincare merchandising for German brand Nivea. Promoting the company's range of in-shower lotions and body washes, this retail display and pop-up fixture concept is inspired by bathroom home decor.

In addition to creating a store fixture that resembles a shower -- equipped with a realistic curtain element and a silhouette of a woman -- this branding concept also includes two kiosks that can be used to promote Nivea's products both outdoors and in public spaces like shopping malls.

These kiosks include a life-sized shower installation that features a mirror and instructions for product use along with a second that mimics a more traditional bathroom -- the kiosk is accented with a tiled backdrop and bathtub set-up. Inspired by home decor, these retail displays leave a lasting impression on consumers who are buying self care products.